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Agritech Big Data

As Digital Innovation Hub, Agritech Big Data has the ambition to help companies in the agri-food sector to carry out the digital revolution thanks to the accompaniment of specialized technological agents. The objective is to facilitate access to an innovation space where you have the possibility to test new technologies, access financing advice and create a network of business contacts.


  1. Create an innovation space that helps tangibilize the value of data for companies

    Agritech Big Data allows you to identify cases of value use and demonstrate your benefit with practical results. This favors the acceleration of the development of solutions based on Big Data technology (and IoT) to help companies in the improvement of business processes and the sustainability of the sector.

  2. Integrate the key technology offer in Big Data for the Agri-food and environmental sector

    Agritech Big Data is responsible for always being at the forefront of the technological solutions available to achieve the results of greatest benefit for companies in the sector.

  3. Train companies and professionals in the analysis of data generated throughout the entire value chain

    Agritech Big Data offers a tool for the transfer of knowledge in Big Data technologies to promote training, recycling and the development of professionals in an area of great professional projection.

  4. Help companies become international benchmarks

    The digital revolution represents a challenge for the future for companies of all sectors. From Agritech Big Data, activities are carried out so that the business sector becomes a benchmark of international scope in the application of these technologies.

Agritech BigData